A Hitchhiker's Road Trip Stops in April

Chapter 4 round up, Chapter 2 kick off, Chapter 8 first outreach

What are all these Chapter numbers about? You’ll find out when you skim this news!

We have 4 events starting this week. These events help lead authors to gather feedback in the beginning, middle and rounding up of the writing of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Token Engineering. At the same time we create opportunities for the community to come together share, question, and learn together - in the spirit of Token Engineering community.

Please take a 5 minutes to fill out the TE Community Survey, we will weave in the insights and share them back with you!

Mark your calendars, and make sure to drop by the Token Engineering Discord servers to get event links around 1 week before.

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15th April: Apply for the Ecosystem Valueflows course, which is a spinoff of Chapter 4 Token Model Generation

16th April 5.30PM CET: “Token Engineering Practice” at Token Systems. This one is the summary of Token Model Generation chapter with a focus on tips for operationalizing, and the stumbling stones token engineers/teams will encounter of their path to models that make sense.

23rd April 4PM CET: “Token Model Generation” - the whole nine yards. Lay of the land from Ecosystem Valueflows to Game-based Learning Organizations to Token Engineering Practice - with course hosts Michal and Sebnem. A final roundup to hear the resonance which topics are solidifying which are still cutting edge to make the content of Chapter 4 as useful as possible when it hits the open source repo.

28th April 4PM CET: “The Transdisciplinary Art of Token Engineering” with Shermin, Trent, Lisa, Wassim, Sebnem and hopefully Zargham, too, in an exchange of experiences we had the past years, onboarding teams, practitioners, and learners, working in token projects or with multinationals, in research and development, as well as live of mainnet protocols. This is at the same time the kickoff of Chapter 2 with the same title.

30th April 5.30 PM CET: “Legal Engineeringat Token Systems. This is first contact! of Chapter 8 with the wider community. Join the talk, give feedback: Esen is connecting the dots with Systems Thinking, Value Flows and places Legal Engineering as part of the Engineering Design Process in the beginning - not an afterthought when writing up Disclaimers.

Most of May will revolve around the Ecosystem Valueflows course which is part of Chapter 4 “Token Model Generation”. If you don’t want to miss updates like these: