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I enjoyed reading this article. I appreciate reading from folx who have a lot of information informing thier ideology / philosophies / beliefs / ideas etc. I was transported to a few ecosystems and projects reading this writing. My brain felt like it was flying, I'm into it!

I did get a bit prickly when I read a section about my home community though. I got prickly because the words I read did not express the reality that is true for me or for the community, at least to my knowledge (as I've been contributing fulltime for longer than two years and believe I have a very good vantage for clarifying some nuances about the SourceCred community) I share not from a place of battle, no swords in my mouth, just authenticity. (cant vouch for "tact" if some folx find value in that behavior. I find it rarely allows one to stay in the present or grounded in reality with others but that's a whole Ted talk.....)

****I am not a monolithic voice for the contributors of SourceCred. Expressed below are MY beliefs, based on MY lived experience within the SourceCred community as a consistent contributor over the years. ANYONE active in the community or even inactive members, can critique my observations and perspectives, I always welcome such support. ****

"Unfortunately, the Credsperiment only lasted for a bit more than two years, missing the balance between creative/caring/holding space and the executive functioning, the balance between appreciating not only the extroverts, but the invisible values of the introverts:"

1. Credsperiment (.....is still going / took a break for about a month.....)

- Protocol Labs is not sponsoring us however the only thing that has really changed is who's shows up when there isnt money dripping from the algorithms faucet.

- perhaps people only find value (life) in a project if it is making money/ paying the contributors? {Scarcity mindset}

- The current contributors are crushing it with the slow and intentional build "Moving at the speed of our nervous systems" if you will. We've been meeting weekly for months.

2. "missing the balance between creative/caring/holding space and the executive functioning"

- okay that actually offended me. (I'm a tender one) Here's why : I'm #ActuallyAutistic - SourceCred facilitator and Neurodiversity advocate specializing in "Life adaptations for the ergonomics of our trauma-sensitive needs" I basically teach Self awareness and Self-regulation through a decolonized and Trauma sensitive & NON-Ableist informed lens.

- Proud to report that the current contributors practice RadicalSelfAccountability. It feels good to be collaborating with beings who are really doing the internal work / leaning into the discomfort.

- pretty much all we do is the creative/caring/holding space but I can however see how this reality could be unknown to those only observing from the outside especially to those hearing stories from people who are not active in the community any longer.

- I could see how it may appear to have ended to those who don't join our weekly calls or read about the project online. The way most people share thier experience leaves a lot of room for the imagination despite thier intention to speak clearly / communicate. (could this be #Neurodivergence? I think so.)

- There were beings who were not intrinsically motivated and were stuck in a scarcity mindset which caused loads of tension. Caused them to project trauma via lack of self awareness and some even straight up raised hell.

- I believe we crush it with holding space for neurodiversity in our calls and this could be observed by dipping a toe (or ear) into a call. (a handful of contributors past were incredibly avoidant (#Fragile) and that really caused ripples in collaboration, communication and innovation efforts)

- We have a movement call in the watercooler before our weekly community call, Marcie DJs and Guides us through movement..(We listen to rad music, dance, and talk about what's alive in the spaces between our mind and body.) Its like an hour of coregulation and stimming, I find that it settles my nervous system and really prepares my body for the day and preps me for the community call.

“People changed their behavior rather than changing the system.” - one research observer from MetaGov said.

3. That's not a bad thing. The nuance in the energy of the sentence above...is CO-CREATING AND ESTABLISHING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES ❤️

>>>> Social and Emotional Maturity is important always but especially so in these times of great innovation and collaboration.

- We are changing our behavior : Were healing from two plus years of tumultuous years of conflict. (( before we change the algorithm)). Were mindful of what we are encoding into the foundation of our tech stack.

- A previous contributor made comments about wanting to move away from the current algorithm (they had some choice opinions of the initial development) and encode thier own trauma into SourceCred (as if that was a better option than us slowing down and talking about what wasnt working or needed to be addressed from thier perspective) and if that doesn't shed light on the kind of energy that is no longer present then I don't know what else would.

The visual metaphor I am witnessing occurring within the SourceCred community is inspired by the phoenix.

The phoenix is one who embraces the natural cycles of life and death with agency. The phoenix chooses their own death when the time comes—building a nest, lighting it on fire, allowing the flame to consume them, to then be reborn from the ashes. All a series of choices.

We never stopped collaborating, were just in the process of building a nest. ✊🏾

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Thank you for not being too upset through me trying to figure this one out referencing the whole spectrum! First things first: I updated the text : "SourceCred is an attempt to reverse that model - yet their original Credsperiment failed because some participants stopped trying when the pendulum swung to the other extreme. SourceCred is still in use and the collective is still experimenting." Thank you for that improvement, too!

All that you share resonates - But I think it will take us, or me at least some more "ingeneering" (as another reader, Darren, dubbed it :) to be able to present from a place of non-(self-)judgement. Suffice to say: yes! we may as well call Automateallthethings Town, Trauma Town. And as you precisely and unapologetically put your finger into the wound: let's not call it algorithmic bias, but algorithmic trauma. ... The light at the end of the tunnel I see, is that these metastructures, algorithms could make the trauma visible, and then we'll need spaces of acceptance like you are gardening.

One concern I have is, what if those spaces exclude those who would benefit most but feel alienated by the "new rituals." They need to be enabled to make it their own... Like in two power systems that swing in different frequencies, if you coupled them without the frequency regulation, they fall apart immediately again, causing some blackouts in both systems. But in our case if these different frequencies find their own self-sovereign self-regulation to adjust theirs respectively for meaningful collaboration towards a common, more complex goal than profit/yield maximization, that's where magic happens... I guess :)

You're amazing, Aloysius! Keep caring 🙏💚

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*****DISCLAIMER - I ate mushrooms an hour ago, this was going to be a brief reply but then the words came. It's a bit of a read. Might you benefit from grabbing a snack and beverage?

I had a blast writing this...I guess I haven't just let my thoughts flow digitally in a while. Been speaking in person a lot more these days and less so much with my fingers on keys. This is my unique flavor of autism and special interests on full display!!!!


Every time I speak to something that feels like it is of great importance to me I get a whole lotta nerves about whether I will be able to articulate what I am trying to communicate surface. I was relieved to read your message because I could tell that I was being understood. I have a fear that I wont be because of how I have been reacted to when I do speak at lengths. I was raised speaking only english but ive always struggled with its noun based tone.

This part made me giggle : "Automateallthethings Town, Trauma Town"....I cant say I've had a word for the way people address social technology and iterations or tweaking of it from a place of fear, reactivity and/or scarcity but I love what you have done here. "Automateallthethings" - Is an energy that rears its head real quick in digital spaces. People leap towards changing rules or how they orient around privacy and inclusion when they feel wronged or uncomfortable for any reason.

"One concern I have is, what if those spaces exclude those who would benefit most but feel alienated by the "new rituals." They need to be enabled to make it their own..."

This reminds me of how I speak to diversity and inclusion.

Most humans in the US relate towards diversity in a terribly black and white/ polarized manner. They leap into long winded rants on identity politics and power dynamics and allow those stories to influence thier behaviors in thier interpersonal relationships and in conflict or when discomfort is present. I offer this:

If you have a room with one person in it...diversity is present.

when you add one more person, the diversity within that room goes up.

Diversity as a social construct [which is how its treated here] has ZERO to do with where we grow up on our mother earth, what language we speak, or what we imagine divides us...Every being is a diverse being all by themselves. For example "white folx" typically only consider "BIPOC" folx as the diverse demographic. They cannot see the diversity present within themselves because the energy of democracy and eugenics is hiding this truth with its identity politics and ableism. {I speak pretty monolithically to the trauma landscape and politics present in America...the so called "melting pot"} Our genetics hold a map for how diverse we each are, the data available these days will support many in reconnecting with lost lineages, stories, rituals and ancestors. Basically better ways of relating to one self, eachother and the land...

I put "quotes" around "black" "white" "bipoc" its not that I dont acknowledge that this is how people identify but rather to signal that I do not use those words as i know them to be powerfully harmful social constructs : they are not identites they are illusions [social engineering to linguistically and behaviorally colonize people] distracting people from who they really are.

How do we design for diversity? [tending to : alienation, marginalization, othering, belonging, neurodiversity, support/care etc]

We make sure that the people who are present have thier physiological needs met. This may mean guiding people to get to a place where they can identify and advocate for thier needs in a consensual way. Then every time a new person is introduced into the ecosystem, all needs are expressed to them....new person gets to engage in informed consent and then they can articulate thier needs and boundaries can be established by each person {self accountability} and expressed to the group. And sure there may be group agreements that encapsulate cultural aspects like using hand signals for instance.

As for beings creating thier own rituals....YES! There's also a chance that when a new person expresses a ritual they want to offer beings may not be ready to participate....this comes with time and building trust with others....emotional investment if you will. I talk about this very thing a lot with friends in my local (offline) community. Where I live there's a high frequency of beings leaning in and doing the deep cleaning of decolonization work. [Pacific Northwest] As people do the work...they come out with rituals of thier own and that's where a handful of groups I come in leveraging our collective skills and resources in production / facilitation & spaces to gather. Im witnessing many rituals bubbling out of people.

"But in our case if these different frequencies find their own self-sovereign self-regulation to adjust theirs respectively for meaningful collaboration towards a common, more complex goal than profit/yield maximization, that's where magic happens... I guess :)"

Yes and...co regulation is what we are working towards. This is part of the work a lot of people here need to start chipping away at:

Hyper individualism and Going from


{lacking sense of self/identity & healthy boundaries, might need external validation}

[something else lives between these spaces]

to INDEPENDENT {lacking sense of self/identity & healthy boundaries, hyper individualized, may suffer from toxic masculinity & ableism regardless of gender and might need external validation}

And folx miss the mark for INTERDEPENDENT [we were born to co-regulate with one another as all living beings do, humans are the only ones who so blatantly try to go against nature]

Similar to Interdependent:












Folx make this leap because they have been conditioned in a terribly polarized and binary culture, one that shames grief.

After observing patterns ive outgrown and patterns in the people in my orbit play out in response to discomfort or conflict I decided to try and create a metaphor for some of the ways we enact harm upon ourselves and inadvertently those around us. It came from me being curious about shame, self worth, fear, avoidance etc Its not everyone's exact response but the themes play out like broken records in western culture...

Someone sees and uses an oven for the first time in thier life. When they open the oven to pull out the food they reach in bare handed. Their hands get burnt and they drop the meal. A perfectly good meal is ruined. Defeat sinks in....having never seen anyone else use an oven they become overwhelmed by the whole event. [insert intrusive thoughts of low self worth / ableism / lack of mentorship / anger or whatever the person is working with] They swear to never bake again because getting burnt hurt so much. They never think to grab an oven mitt, they don't even know what that is. Most wont think to slow down ask another person what they would do differently (shame / fear of feedback / fragility etc)...they bottle up thier grief maybe they do or do not take out thier anger but what does happen is they change thier behavior in light of their current circumstance...creating rules or boundaries from a place of defensiveness/ avoidance / fear / anger...whatever it is. When we create boundaries for ourself it is important to be in a place or curiosity. [insert the ability to emotionally regulate]

victim mindset - can see all the harms and only knows how to react to them. May have a difficult time being self aware or self accountable as they haven't had an opportunity or the support to sit with thier grief. Sitting with grief changes a mindset.

survivor mindset - is aware of the deep healing required to not be reactive to ones environment, has healthy boundaries, knows how to communicate and advocate for them these people value themselves as human beings. They have access to thier sense of worth and feel a sense of belonging.

I heard this recently from a wise fellow, I don't recall where he heard it from but it was short and I liked it so I was able to remember it:

Fitting in is the polar opposite of belonging

That speaks to honoring our unique identities and experiences and articulating any boundaries we may have....we all need to become aware of what we genuinely need and be able to dance the dance of informed consent with others so we may coregulate and change the world from grounded nervous systems aware of the abundance present always seeking to nurture the energy of life that is in all things natural.

When we can manage ourselves while maintaining connection with others that energy will inform how we perceive our mother earth as a living body and only then will we be able to be in right relationship with her again.

Healing / Ancestors / Self awareness / Boundaries / Informed Consent / Reciprocity / Land stewardship / soil health / Community / Trust - these will all be HOT themes in 2023 [themes repeat over the seasons but the potency of when they appear astrologically speaking impacts how hard they hit if we lean into them]

[2+0+2+3=7] 7 is a good number for this year

The number 7 [according to the google search i just did that encapsulated what i already believe to be true] tends to describe intellectuals, deep thinkers, philosophers and scholars. Those touched by it analyze things from every angle before making a decision. Their souls are visionary and their way of thinking unique. 😏

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synchronized pendulums do not synchronize each other with themselves ... but rather slowly surrender to the greater force in which they are all situated.

Luv you planetary bodies ❣️🪐 ☄️

aaand pendulums.

get situated ... it's gonna be a long ride and a wide swing.

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