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I enjoyed reading this article. I appreciate reading from folx who have a lot of information informing thier ideology / philosophies / beliefs / ideas etc. I was transported to a few ecosystems and projects reading this writing. My brain felt like it was flying, I'm into it!

I did get a bit prickly when I read a section about my home community though. I got prickly because the words I read did not express the reality that is true for me or for the community, at least to my knowledge (as I've been contributing fulltime for longer than two years and believe I have a very good vantage for clarifying some nuances about the SourceCred community) I share not from a place of battle, no swords in my mouth, just authenticity. (cant vouch for "tact" if some folx find value in that behavior. I find it rarely allows one to stay in the present or grounded in reality with others but that's a whole Ted talk.....)

****I am not a monolithic voice for the contributors of SourceCred. Expressed below are MY beliefs, based on MY lived experience within the SourceCred community as a consistent contributor over the years. ANYONE active in the community or even inactive members, can critique my observations and perspectives, I always welcome such support. ****

"Unfortunately, the Credsperiment only lasted for a bit more than two years, missing the balance between creative/caring/holding space and the executive functioning, the balance between appreciating not only the extroverts, but the invisible values of the introverts:"

1. Credsperiment (.....is still going / took a break for about a month.....)

- Protocol Labs is not sponsoring us however the only thing that has really changed is who's shows up when there isnt money dripping from the algorithms faucet.

- perhaps people only find value (life) in a project if it is making money/ paying the contributors? {Scarcity mindset}

- The current contributors are crushing it with the slow and intentional build "Moving at the speed of our nervous systems" if you will. We've been meeting weekly for months.

2. "missing the balance between creative/caring/holding space and the executive functioning"

- okay that actually offended me. (I'm a tender one) Here's why : I'm #ActuallyAutistic - SourceCred facilitator and Neurodiversity advocate specializing in "Life adaptations for the ergonomics of our trauma-sensitive needs" I basically teach Self awareness and Self-regulation through a decolonized and Trauma sensitive & NON-Ableist informed lens.

- Proud to report that the current contributors practice RadicalSelfAccountability. It feels good to be collaborating with beings who are really doing the internal work / leaning into the discomfort.

- pretty much all we do is the creative/caring/holding space but I can however see how this reality could be unknown to those only observing from the outside especially to those hearing stories from people who are not active in the community any longer.

- I could see how it may appear to have ended to those who don't join our weekly calls or read about the project online. The way most people share thier experience leaves a lot of room for the imagination despite thier intention to speak clearly / communicate. (could this be #Neurodivergence? I think so.)

- There were beings who were not intrinsically motivated and were stuck in a scarcity mindset which caused loads of tension. Caused them to project trauma via lack of self awareness and some even straight up raised hell.

- I believe we crush it with holding space for neurodiversity in our calls and this could be observed by dipping a toe (or ear) into a call. (a handful of contributors past were incredibly avoidant (#Fragile) and that really caused ripples in collaboration, communication and innovation efforts)

- We have a movement call in the watercooler before our weekly community call, Marcie DJs and Guides us through movement..(We listen to rad music, dance, and talk about what's alive in the spaces between our mind and body.) Its like an hour of coregulation and stimming, I find that it settles my nervous system and really prepares my body for the day and preps me for the community call.

“People changed their behavior rather than changing the system.” - one research observer from MetaGov said.

3. That's not a bad thing. The nuance in the energy of the sentence above...is CO-CREATING AND ESTABLISHING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES ❤️

>>>> Social and Emotional Maturity is important always but especially so in these times of great innovation and collaboration.

- We are changing our behavior : Were healing from two plus years of tumultuous years of conflict. (( before we change the algorithm)). Were mindful of what we are encoding into the foundation of our tech stack.

- A previous contributor made comments about wanting to move away from the current algorithm (they had some choice opinions of the initial development) and encode thier own trauma into SourceCred (as if that was a better option than us slowing down and talking about what wasnt working or needed to be addressed from thier perspective) and if that doesn't shed light on the kind of energy that is no longer present then I don't know what else would.

The visual metaphor I am witnessing occurring within the SourceCred community is inspired by the phoenix.

The phoenix is one who embraces the natural cycles of life and death with agency. The phoenix chooses their own death when the time comes—building a nest, lighting it on fire, allowing the flame to consume them, to then be reborn from the ashes. All a series of choices.

We never stopped collaborating, were just in the process of building a nest. ✊🏾

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